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As a student, it's really difficult to save up for photography equipment. Your money will help me save up for new equipment such as:

  • Better lighting equipment. Currently, I do not own any soft boxes which really impacts the quality of my photos and videos

  • A drone. For those epic aerial shots which will help improve the travel vlogs on my channel

  • More lenses. I only own one lens and it restricts the variety of my shots and hinders my creativity

  • A new camera. My current camera (Nikon D300s) is reaching the end of its life. This model was released in 2009 (almost a decade old!). My camera does not offer automatic focusing whilst filming and only films for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time which is very frustrating. 

  • A faster computer. Currently, editing videos are almost impossible as my laptop is so slow! 


You can donate below! Any donation will be very appreciated. Thank you!




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