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29 Places In India You Need To Visit Before You Die!

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Anpu has always wanted to travel to India and when he asked me about the best places to visit, I just had to make a blog post about it. This post will act as a travel guide not only for Anpu, but for all of you who also want to venture into the vast lands of India.

The exotic aroma of spices from Kerala to the roof of the world- the Himalayas, India is wrapped up with wonderful surprises and unexplored havens of nature. So, here are my top 29 picks for the best places to visit in India:

Please note: ALL photos are not taken by Anpu

1.Leh-LadakhEvery biker’s paradise!

Undisputedly Leh-Ladakh is on the bucket list of every Indian. Get stuck in the middle of nowhere, sleep with the locals, ride on the whimsical winding roads and learn to savour every part of your life and be independent as you undertake this adrenaline filled journey.

2. Srinagar- A gem in the heart of Kashmir!

If there is a heaven on Earth, then this is it. Experience the charismatic charm of Kashmir which will surely take your breath away and leave you spellbound.

3.The Valley of Flowers- Where flower blossoms, so does hope!

The valley of flowers is carpeted with over 300 flower species. This paradisaical UNESCO World Heritage Site located at an altitude of 3858 meters above the sea level. You have to get to this place only by trekking; the route is treacherous yet fascinating.

Even if you are a novice in trekking, throw your caution to the air and give this place a try.

4.Hampi- Where time stands still…

Not influenced by the sands of time, time stands still here. The old monumental and architectural beauty will dispose you to another dimension of aesthetics.

5. Andaman Islands- An amazing archipelago!

A haven in the Bay of Bengal, an aqua lovers’ paradise, Andaman has the most vibrant coral reefs in India. If you want to delve a little deeper into the blue seas, then you should come to Andaman.

6.Goa-The official party hub of India!

Young and energetic, amazing nightlife, dirt cheap prices, variety of booze, beach shacks makes Goa one of the best holiday destinations in India.

7. Udaipur- The romantic white city!

Tagged as the Venice of the East this city’s vibes are romantic, soothing and energetic at the same time. Udaipur boasts the most gracious luxury hotels in India.

Boating, trekking, sightseeing are some cool activities which will make your trip memorable.

8. Darjeeling- The Darjeeling Limited.

Darjeeling is a common name to all those who love chai more than anything else as many international renowned tea brands import tea from Darjeeling. Refreshing greenery, toy trains run by the Himalayan Railways, amicable ambiance by the locals and an unforgettable experience.

9.Ziro Valley- An escape for peace seekers.

Silent, serene and sublime is what Ziro is synonymous with. It is famous for the Ziro Festival. Not a very popular tourist destination yet, still this place never fails to please you.

You can also visit the Tawang Monastery which happens to be the world’s largest working monastery located in the same state.

10. Varanasi- The spiritual capital of India.

The land of the mystic saints and the ghats of this world which act like bridges between life and death make Varanasi or Banaras a must visit place. Then there are the narrow alleys where you can get lost and have whimsical encounters.

11. Kutch- A riot of colours in the sky!

The state of Gujarat offers a panoramic scene of a plethora of colours and heritage. The famous Kite Festival will make you feel that there is no difference between the sky and the colourful land of Gujarat.

12. Delhi- The “small capital” of India with a big heart!

Call it New Delhi or simply Delhi, the city is filled with exquisite delicacies, amicable people, crowded alleys, a lot of quirks and architectural marvels.

Delhi is like a colour palate representing the colours of all the cultures present in India. After all it’s the capital city of India.

13. Jim Corbett National Park- An adventurous jungle adventure.

If you are an adventurer and love jungles, then this place is just for you. It’s famous for tiger sightings. The wilderness here becomes hospitable with luxurious resorts that allow you to stay closer to the nature while you enjoy the best of comfort. And if you are a photography enthusiast like Anpu, Corbett will never leave you disappointed.

14. Auli- A heaven for ski lovers!